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Background Investigations

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Who are they – Fact or Fabrication! – Build and maintain your front end hiring vertical model through a personalized tailored focus. On top of what one may expect from a background check, BlackBridge leverages our world class open source intelligence techniques – OSINT – to provide enhanced in-depth background checks; you literally can’t find this elsewhere. Determine if an individual is the ideal candidate for your organization or dealings with them; before it is too late. People alway’s portray the ideal version of themselves when applying for employment; hey no ones perfect, but to what extent. The old saying is – “We are judged by the company we keep”.

An online click and submit candidate verification service provides a very basic general overview of an individuals makeup. BlackBridge inspects the human element variable structure; not just the database information alone.


Professional Credentials/Licences

Previous Employment or Gaps of

Drug Use/Criminal Activity/Aggressive Tendencies

Reported Accomplishments

Affiliations – Verify Reported/known or omitted/unknown/questionable

Credit history/Judgments/liens/Financial stability/Assets

Identity Verification (seems outrageous, however, very critical)

General non-disclosed red flags and more

Let us find out if their views inline with the corporate identity and structure. Do they have explosive political views that can be damaging to your brand? Have they engaged in questionable choices that could affect your partnership/care of children/current or projected client acquisition. If the media looks into your business for various reports, allegations; how would your employee’s background affect your corporate identity? BlackBridge Investigation enhanced background drill down is an expert analysis on any individual; revealing the bare bone. BlackBridge utilizes discreet, anonymous, non-intrusive methods; no one will know they are being inquired upon. Allow us the opportunity to gain your confidence in a questionable world!

Our background services will prove critical should you or your organization be the victim of a smear campaign. You will quickly determine the source and exposure point through our visualize data model of a candidate/hire profile build master file; visualize an individual’s influence reach. Quickly control viral negative exposure by determining the source point and likely employee from the profile build master file. BlackBridge investigators provide a comprehensive, full spectrum profile build master file; for employee file inclusion, should you hire a candidate. Why is this important? Things happen – people are people. The most ideal candidate can become a disgruntled worker at some point in the future. Candidates are on their best behaviour during probation periods. Injury fraud, changes in personal life/circumstances; financial difficulties can have an intense impact on judgment-

Affordable expert enhanced background verification procedures are critical in our hyper information environment. We do not rely solely on outdated unmanned database ships. Our intelligence unit deploys the exact techniques BlackBridge utilizes for real time actionable results. Canadian Police Information database (CPIC – criminal history database) has a two year gap for posting offences.

Designed for Corporate Professionals – Our investigative expertise is leveraged to reverse engineer your online presence. Exposing your potential Corporate, Professional & Personal risk. We then provide a detailed report audit analysis of your presence and implement our GoEvolve™ program. Reducing/eliminating your online risk, while, maintaining your normal habits through the internet in a non-intrusive ecosystem. Protecting your Professional, Personal reputation & Corporate standing. Evolve your Digital DNA© today!

ONLY approved licenced investigative bodies can conduct legal background checks without an individuals consent. Should you choose another service, they require alerting the individual and obtaining consent. This is not the case with an approved investigative body.

Hey look at that, protecting you already!

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