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BlackBridge Intelligence is an internationally recognized leader within the Cyber Investigative Intelligence realm. It conducts investigations from human trafficking via Internet services to cell phone forensics and open source intelligence. We are unmatched throughout the international investigative community due to our proprietary investigative techniques. BlackBridge provides the most effective and comprehensive cyber investigations available. The cyber realm is one of the most complex investigative areas of the modern times. Internet and computer related threats are estimated to cost 100 BILLION by 2017, 35.1% of the cost and threat being to small/medium/large businesses.

Computer related risk for individuals is steadily rising. Lives are being destroyed as a result of cyber bullying, cyber stalking, revenge IMAGE posting and hacking. Causing individuals to lose their jobs, relationships and enjoyment of life. More than 1 MILLION women and 370,000 men are stalked and cyber stalked annually. Do NOT hope stalking fades away, it will escalate and worsen before ever getting better, unless you receive help. Individuals require professional assistance – police are overwhelmed and ONLY investigate the most severe cases, of which are generally at a critical state. Bullies employ an effective technique called “he said, she said”, manipulating the authorities; effectively painting the picture that the bullied individual is guilty. INDIVIDUALS require an impartial professional investigator to assist.

Selecting an inexperienced “cyber researcher” can spell disaster for clients. A firm that simply states that they conduct cyber research is a red flag! There are specific laws one is required to follow when gathering information. There is a fine line between legally acquired, admissible open source intelligence and hacking. The cyber realm is a maze of misinformation; we have observed this time and time again with dire results. An investigator who has a very basic understanding of “cyber investigations”. Typically, simply beating away at the keyboard until something seems appealing. They are wasting time, effort, MONEY and but not limited too; making their client (s) look foolish in court and open to civil suits. Trust the experts!

Designed for Corporate Professionals – Our investigative expertise is leveraged to reverse engineer your online presence. Exposing your potential Corporate, Professional & Personal risk. We then provide a detailed report audit analysis of your presence and implement our GoEvolve™ program. Reducing/eliminating your online risk, while, maintaining your normal habits through the internet in a non-intrusive ecosystem. Protecting your Professional, Personal reputation & Corporate standing. Evolve your Digital DNA© today!

There are specific protocols in developing online evidence. Should an inexperienced person take it upon themselves to simply take screen shots, copy and paste text, etc. The courts will simply disallow the information as unreliable and potentially tampered with. Hire a professional!

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