Surveillance Private Investigator

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Surveillance Investigations

BlackBridge only discusses high risk surveillance scenarios in a closed secure environment. BlackBridge will secure results when others fall short & at affordable cost. Trust the experts!

Domestic Surveillance – Is your spouse cheating on you? Probably, 89% of spouses are cheating and you will never know unless BlackBridge covertly observes them! What do they look like? Where are they going? Is he/she better looking than you? All these questions, now get the answers! Are you trying to obtain full custody rights, determine hidden assets, and prove further unreported income? We have the answers you seek in obtaining those results through our unique investigative process. We confidentially consult and devise the correct approach with you, no one will know.

Business & Corporate Surveillance – Is your employee exaggerating or simply defrauding your business? Most likely, 95% of injured employees are actively exacerbating work injuries. Employees we observe have participated in on job drug use, drinking, selling secrets or simply time stealing/sleeping in a work vehicle. Inflicting undue financial stress and WSIB tribunal inquiries, you cannot terminate an employee until you gather evidence. BlackBridge can determine what is actually transpiring, saving you thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

Surveillance, when conducted properly, is utilized for powerful intelligence gathering; evidence procurement. It places individuals at specific locations, handling specific items, not fulfilling duties, confirming suspicions, determining associates, truthfulness, drug use and many multiples of scenario’s. BlackBridge facilitates surveillance services for – Individuals – Lawyers – Corporations – Governments –



Injury Authentication

Drug Use/Drug Source

General Activities

Affiliations/Secret Lives

Property Destruction

Competition Activities

General non-disclosed red flags and more

BlackBridge surveillance program is second to none, employing ONLY the most skilled experts, with the most current technology available. Our experts have recognized a requirement of the investigative field; highly skilled surveillance experts for a truly complex world. Gathering evidence through the surveillance process is critical – there is no room for error, BlackBridge is the go-to firm. Our experts have operated in the most sensitive environments; maintaining extremely low community impact, while successfully completing client objectives.

High Risk Surveillance can fall under a multitude of criteria. Typically these are very sensitive or the toughest observatory environments. The surveillance task’s that BlackBridge excels at completing.

Designed for Corporate Professionals – Our investigative expertise is leveraged to reverse engineer your online presence. Exposing your potential Corporate, Professional & Personal risk. We then provide a detailed report audit analysis of your presence and implement our GoEvolve™ program. Reducing/eliminating your online risk, while, maintaining your normal habits through the internet in a non-intrusive ecosystem. Protecting your Professional, Personal reputation & Corporate standing. Evolve your Digital DNA© today!

ONLY approved licenced investigative bodies can conduct legal surveillance. Should you attempt to under take observations with an unlicenced individual or “firm”. You will be held liable and face severe charges, stalking, harassment, etc. All considered criminal offences in the Federal judicial system.

Hey look at that, protecting you already!

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