Are your services Confidential?

We are 100% confidential. No one will know you have utilized an investigator, unless, you advise individuals otherwise. Our information is encrypted, covert and cannot be determined. Rest assured knowing your efforts are completely secretive. 

Can you “look” into Bank Accounts?

We are asked this a lot. The simple answer is, yes, under certain conditions. However, Private Investigators cannot “look” into bank accounts within Canada, simply because they feel like it, and this would be considered sourcing.

There are many ways to source bank accounts. Some are illegal, which we are unable to do. We will advise clients on what is possible, and realistic, within the scope of the law.

Can you record conversations?

Yes, under certain conditions. Otherwise this falls under Eavesdropping. An old law, but nonetheless, a law. In fact no one can just do this as they see fit. In this day and age, with all the recordings taking place. Everyone who records video is breaking the law while capturing conversations. Be cautious! There are specific conditions to allow this.

Can you "look" into someone's social media?

Yes, everything put on the world wide web is considered public domain, under certain conditions. Copyright material is different in the sense, it is on the web, although you cannot copy and use it.


If it is on the web it is considered blatantly put into public domain. If a licenced PI wants the information, that is in public domain, we can get it.


However, we cannot “hack”. We do not “hack” social media accounts. If you ask us this we can no longer have a conversation, that is just the reality.


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What is private space and what is public space?

Private space is anyone’s personal property. Public space is anything held by the Government, unless, otherwise posted to be restricted land or area.

Who do you work for?

Governments, Corporations, Small Business and Individuals. Our work assist in determining wrongdoings, correcting wrongdoings, uncovering factual evidence and assisting with third party impartial accounts of events.

Can you arrest people?

Short answer, yes. However, this is considered ‘detaining’, rather than, ‘arresting’. We must use correct use of force. Correct use of force is determined by the individual being lawfully detained. Escalation is dictated by the individual being detained. As a detainee escalates, we can escalate in proportion or less, in order to control the situation. 

Do you assist Law Enforcement?

Yes, Private Investigators assist Law Enforcement on various tasks when requested.

Can a Private Investigator determine if I am being followed or pursued?

Yes. This falls under the category of counter surveillance. However, choosing the right firm to do this is important. A lot of firms claim they can do this. This task is not easy by any means. There are specific requirements and steps in order to complete this successfully.


Feel free to contact us for your specific concerns;


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Call/text: 1-647-496-6373

How long does an investigation take to be completed?

This very much depends on a lot of factors. We are not able to predict this. Some investigations are quick and simple. Others are very much dependant on accessibility of information. Please call or email us to discuss your situation.

Do Private Investigators require licencing?

The short answer, yes. We require licencing if we are accepting monetary compensation for exploratory or investigative tasks. We also require a licence to conduct certain tasks. Private Investigators are background checked before licencing and during licencing. Upon renewal of our licence, we are background checked again, every 24 months. 

How do Private Investigators operate?

Private Investigators mainly operate covertly, unseen, and unheard. However, on occasion we operate overtly as a show of presence. This depends on the mandate of the investigative tasks and client objectives. We blend and yes walk among everyone. You will never know if you are beside a Private Investigator or having a meal with one.

Where can an Ontario Private Investigators operate?

Ontario Private Investigators can operate anywhere in the world under certain conditions.

What sets an amazing PI apart from a general PI?

Good question, tough to answer. This comes down to life experience, certifications, training, personality, and the way certain minds operate. Being a Private Investigator is not simple or easy. An individual must enjoy puzzles, and solving those puzzles, with a high level of intelligence, and out of the box thinking.

What do PI's do day-to-day?

Easy, what you do!