Hiring a Private Investigator in Ontario – What You Should Know!

Hiring a Private Investigator in Ontario

What you need to know!

Is It Legal to Hire a Private Investigator in Ontario?

YES! You can legally hire a private investigator anywhere in Ontario.


The work that is/may be performed by a private investigator includes;


  • conducting surveillance;
  • conducting background checks;
  • taking statements; and
  • performing research.

When hiring a private investigator, ensure the information the private investigator obtains for you can be legally used as evidence. You will want to ensure the individual understands the legal requirements and the laws that apply to the requested service, including the Criminal Code & PIPEDA of Canada.


You should ensure that you hire a private investigator that is licensed. In Ontario, private investigators must be licensed under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005. However, this alone does not ensure the Private Investigator can perform the service.


How do you know if your private investigation firm is reputable?

Research, you can verify a firm’s license status online within Ontario through Service Ontario. Like any other company, you should also research its reputation online. Reviews are a good source for this.

Ours can be found here; scan.


What can private investigators do in Ontario?

Private investigators must adhere to the Canadian Criminal Code. Private investigators work with specialized tools such as GPS tracking, video surveillance, correct digital evidence retrieval procedures, and asset searches. However, the use of these tools is constrained by laws and regulations. It is illegal for private investigators to trespass on people’s property, hack into individuals’ accounts, or wiretap any device.


Private investigators are allowed to listen in on nearby conversations but not record. Still, the law prohibits them from listening to personal phone calls or monitoring phone lines.


Private investigators are NOT law enforcement and would be required to obtain a warrant issued by a justice of the peace, to undertake specific actions in the investigation, which is extremely rare.


Private investigators can be helpful in many situations. Private investigators can conduct investigations to determine the following;


  • Online history and Cyber presence, including hidden;
  • A person’s traits or activities;
  • The nature of their business;
  • Their occupation;
  • Sourcing guilty parties;
  • Missing persons; and
  • Background checks.

The investigations conducted are not only limited to business; they can also include personal and private investigations, including looking into family assets or even uncovering personal affairs.


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